To Beep Or Not To Beep

A video installation for the exhibition «Ringetoner – telefonlydens historie og kultur» / «Ringtones – the history and culture of telephonic tones», originally presented at Ringve museum. Curator for the exhibition was Ivar Håkon Eikje.

On several screens the connection between stereotypical characters and their expected/unexpected mobile ringtones and themes are played out. What do tone signals for mobile phones tell us about the persons who have chosen them?

The video was shot using actors from Trondheims theatre-sport/improv-scene.

from the exhibition at Norsk Telemuseum

The installation were first screened at Ringve Museum in Trondheim, in February and March 2007. For the duration of the year it was screened – in a somewhat modified version – at Norsk Telemuseum / The Norwegian Telecom Museum.


Technical information

8min. Looped DVD.


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