The Moment

«Because we cannot trust our memories – they are fragmented, not in real time, romanticized and at some level we make a decision about what to remember and what to ignore – we have no choise but to rely on the moment

The game of football is all about that one moment that desides the match. That one pass, that one flick, that one kick that lands the ball behind the goalie.

But as most moments are, the majority of them are soon forgotten. Drowned by the avalance of still new moments in ever new matches. But a few remains in the conciousness of those who chose to remember.

Inspired by a screening of Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parrenos magnificent portrait «Zidane – A 21th Century Portrait» I got the idea for this video piece as a video for Two Limited.

Two Limited is an ongoing drone-noise project I do together with renowned noise artist Lasse Marhaug. Each year we do one project – a recording, a concert or a happening. We’ve done this since 2001.

The idea for «The Moment» is quite simple. The material is what many claim to be one of the finest goals in soccer history. Dennis Bergkamp – one of those players you simply had to love, regardless of which side he played for – did what he did so well so many times: A magical touch, leaving a confused defender behing before putting the ball in the back of the net.

One moment repeated and stretched out in time. The video emulates TVs prime sport aesthetics, taken to the hilt. The reruns, the same situation seen from different angles, the slow motion, dwelling on that decisive moment – in this case one for the history books.

The goal is from a match between Newcastle and Arsenal, March 2., 2002.

See the video on Vimeo here

Single channel video piece
9 min 17 sec