The Letter

The Letter is a short film, starring Per Erik Walslag, Cecilie Thørring and Erling Lona. It has soundwork by noted noise artist Lasse Marhaug.

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It was shot in Trondheim in 2004, with money I recieved after loosing my job at the university hospital – the second best thing that ever happened to me. The basic idea for the film was a man receiving a letter he has written to him self… The film is without dialogue, all sounds produced by Marhaug and the film is partly edited after the sound.

The film has been screened at several film festivals and is due to be released on DVD together with the Remembrance-filmcycle.

Read the essay about the production here

Technical information
Film: Tom Løberg
Soundwork: Lasse Marhaug
With: Per Erik Walslag, Cecilie Thørring and Erling Lona
17 min DV Pal Stereo 2.0
Screening format: DVD


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