Remembrance is a cycle of short films by Tom Løberg.

You can now see the whole cycle on Vimeo by clicking here

8 short films based on the same film material. Each film adapted to a particular piece of music. 8 films widely different in style – each film portraying different moods and emotions, giving you 8 original stories.

Artists contributing are Anla Courtiz and Maria Paz Levinson, The Golden Serenades, Origami Tacet, Oren Ambrachi, Michael Francis Duch, Guilty Connector, Lasse Marhaug, and Hild Sofie Tafjord.

Remembrance was selected by Porsgrunn Art Society as one of their contributions to The IKT Grenland’s EXPO 2008 in Skien.

Read the essay about the films here


FRIV Festival for improvised music 2013
Poznan, Polan
October 2013

MULTIPLIÉ Dansefestival 2012
Trondheim, Norway
March 2012

Papa Westray, The Orkneys
February 2011

5th Annual Hamilton Underground film festival 2010
Hamilton, New Zealand
13. November 2010

IKT Grenland EXPO 2008
Klosterøya, Skien (N),
14. og 15. februar 2008

Festival for contemporary music
Trondheim (N), 15. Nov 2007

«Røtter», Cultural festival
Porsgrunn (N), 10. Nov 2007

MINIMALEN The 19. Minimalen Short Film Festival
Trondheim (N),
20.- 24. April 2007

Podium, Oslo (N), 6. Feb 2007


«Passion is another way to remember»

Catalogue text:
8 short films based on the same film material. A woman and two men in a room. Each film adapted to a particular piece of music. 8 films widely different in style, portraying different emotions, gives 8 original stories

Cast and crew

Film: Tom Løberg (writer, director and editor)

Realisation: Nina Therese Aune, Asbjørn Stenmark and Per Erik Walslag

Music: Anla Courtis and Maria Paz Levinson, The Golden Serenades, Origami Tacet, Oren Ambarchi, Michael Francis Duch, Guilty Connector, Lasse Marhaug and Hild Sofie Tafjord

All music is copyrighted and the rights are held by the artist contributioning to each film
Oren Ambarchi is published by TOUCH MUSIC (MCPS)

A Pastiche Films Production
© Pastiche Films 2007

Screening format: DVD


Region 0

4:3 Letterbox

Stereo 2.0

Total running time for Remembrance 25 min

Remembrance 1: Courtis/Levinson 3:38
Remembrance 2: Golden Serenades 0:57
Remembrance 3: Origami Tacet 4:27
Remembrance 4: Oren Ambarchi 2:45
Remembrance 5: Michael Duch 2:25
Remembrance 6: Guilty Connector 5:12
Remembrance 7: Lasse Marhaug 2:23
Remembrance 8: Hild Sofie Tafjord 2:28



Per Erik Walslag is an actor and dancer, living in Trondheim. He’s also into karate, scenography and webdesign. From 1984 to the present he has done almost 50 dance productions. He has participated in a number of workshops in London, and done work for TSO, The National Norwegian Opera. Now he runs the Ildfuglen School of Dance. As part of the duo Pain&Glory he did stage productions like «Desperat Bagasje» and «Stunt på kaia». With Hornorkesteret he had the main lead in the artic musical «Roald Amundsens vei». He has several screen appearances, ranging from short films like «Tyst» and Tom Løberg’s first short film «The Letter», to the epic movie/television series «Sofies verden», to the pilot project «Pilegrimer». Has also done work in commercials and music videos. Visit his homepage here

Nina Therese Aune, dancer living in Trondheim. She has done several performances with UKM, and the show «Synlig usynlig». Also had a seminal role in the artic musical «Roald Amundsens vei» with Hornorkesteret in 2005. Biographical trivia: Participated in the Norwegian edition of Top Model. Now working on a new show that is due to premiere in spring of 2008.

Asbjørn Stenmark is a teacher and writer, living in Stjørdal, Norway. Not an actor he worked with fierce dedication on Remembrance, his screen debut. Made his debut in 2007 as a writer with the novel «Pølsedrømmer» (Cappelen).


Oren Ambarchi is an electronic guitarist and drummer with longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1969, he has been performing live since 1986. He was a member of noise band Phlegm with Robbie Avenaim, with whom he now co-organises the What Is Music Festival. His work focuses mainly on the exploration of the guitar, though he also plays percussion in some of his live performances. Recently, he has toured with drone doom band Sunn O))) as well as releasing an EP with Attila Csihar and Sunn O)))’s Greg Anderson under the name Burial Chamber Trio. Ambarchi also works in popular music contexts and is a drummer for the group Sun with vocalist Chris Townend formerly of Kiss My Poodles Donkey. (Bio from Go To Oren Ambarchis homepage here

Anla Courtis lives in Buenos Aires with his girl friend, Maria Paz Levinson, who contributed to the music for the Remembrance film. Difficult to describe because of the wide range of his expression and work, Courtis has always continued to experiment with extreme forms of sound with a strong sense of textured drone-based music. Best known for playing guitar in the legendary post-psychedelic-rock-noise-experimental extravagance Reynols, a group formed in 1993 and featuring drummer Miguel Tomasin and guitarist Roberto Conlazo. They recorded and released an impressive amount of music before the band dismembered in 2002. Courtis had his solo projects going alongside Reynols, and has been no less prolific on his own or in new constellations, with many releases and extensive touring. He is also working as a classical guitar teacher and playing with people with down syndrome. Go to Anla Courtis’ homepage here

Michael Francis Duch. Lives in Trondheim, Norway. Works with a wide variety of performing arts, and has for the last few years been devoted to the open form graphic scores of Feldman, Wolff, Brown and Cage, and more recently the music of Cornelius Cardew. He has studied the double bass with Göran Sjølin at the Music Conservatory of Trondheim in the period of 1998-2006. His main area as a musician has been with improvised music, but also plays the electric bass in the Norwegian band Dog & Sky, founded and fronted by the American poet Matt Burt. He is also an active DJ, and with fellow bass player Svein Inge Sæther he formed «Klubb Tarkovsky» in 2004, combining avantgarde-films and mainly New Wave and Electropop with a Marclay-inspired twist. Duch has also composed music for short films and theatre, and has done several performances as both an actor and performance artist. (From Contact Michael Francis Duch here

The Golden Serenades is «producing some of harshest noise today. Period.». Featuring improvisor John Hegre of among other things Jazkamer and super producer Joergen Traen. They «founded the Golden Serenades project in 1999. The former just released his solo-debut under the alias Sir Duperman whilst as a producer has been responsible in recent years for the sound of Scandinavia’s best bands: Kings of Convenience, Royksopp, Jaga Jazzist and, of course, Jazzkammer, John Hegre’s and Lasse Marhaug’s ingenious Noise-Wonder, all swear by his faculties. Improv Noise at its best.» (Quotes from and

Guilty Connector is the popular Japan-based Noise Music project of Kohei «Fast» Nakagawa, also containing Kelly Churko. He has collaborated with many other noise artists such as MSBR, Bastard Noise, Tabata and Contagious Orgasm, as well as appearing on various splits and compilations. (from Japan based harshest noise electronics crew. Liberates dazzling spectra of sounds, from stardust filthy harsh barrages to meditative spacy feedbacks/trippy 2AM Deep Drone. Experience the roar of GC live electronics with your own flesh. (From Guilty Connector homepage). Visit Guilty Connectors homepage here

Lasse Marhaug has since the early 90ies been one of the most active artists in the so-called Norwegian noise scene. As a performer and composer he has contributed to well over 200 CD, vinyl and cassette releases over the years, as well as extensive touring and performing live in Europe, Asia and America. In addition to his solo work, Marhaug plays regularly in projects Jazkamer, Nash Kontroll, DEL and Testicle Hazard. Past projects and bands include Origami Replika and Lasse Marhaug Band. He has collaborated with several artists in the noise, improv, jazz, rock and extreme metal fields, as well as working with music for theatre, dance, installations and video. (From Go to Lasse Marhaugs homepage here

Origami Tacet. Tore Boe and Michael Duch (se below for bio on Duch). origami boe. arte y manos. artistic expressionin any combination of media. formula 3+X=4 double. each work by itself. completed as executed. documentation can follow. Boe is back! Yeah – Boe like in Bo Diddley, Boe like in Bo Derek, Boe like in BoBo El Bajazzo, like in «watch Boe boppin’ on the dancefloor’. Please keep in mind that these activities are run entirely on air and love, on very sparse sparetime and absolutely no budget what so-ever. or_/ can be many many things, but sadly i cannot eat it. I have recently found new work – in construction this time, and after carrying some tons of materials for refurbishing apartment complexes, maybe i can also work further on the origamism. I do make a lot of visual art on the side, though, and new releases will be out. ‘I love your concept of «dissolving your solo project»! That’s art!’ – Courtis A132. (From the homepage for the cultural network Origami Republica). Visit Tore Boes _or/… network page here

Hild Sofie Tafjord. Performer and composer. Plays frenchorn, electronics, and various instruments. She finished her studies in jazz and improvised music at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo 2001. She has made music for dance, film, theater, installations/ sculptures, done performances, workshops and site specific concerts. Her range as a performer spans from electronic noise to acoustic horn. She plays mostly free improvised music, but is also working as an electronic music composer. Her music is consisting of acoustic and electronic sound-sources, analogue and digital electronics, processed sounds and concrete sounds. She is a memeber of the Spunk ensemble, and the noise duo Fe-mail. Her first solo album, KAMA, was released on Picadisc in the fall of 2007. (Edited biography from Hild Sofie Tafjords myspace-page). Go to Hild Sofie Tafjords myspace-page here


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