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… Tom Løberg Hovinbøle


Writer, film maker and video artist. Author of the childrens book «Bernards magiske hår» (Damm, Norway, 2007) and «Onkel Detektiv og den mystiske fremmede» (Cappelen Damm, 2008) and the book «Lyttekunst – samtaler om fri-improvisert musikk» (Marhaug forlag, 2012), about Norwegian free improvised music. His latest film is the short film «The Way You Turn My Head». He is currently developing several documentary projects.

Løberg Hovinbøle has written two plays for children, «Lille viking» for Grenland Friteater (2010) and «Enhjørningen» for NOEN teaterproduksjon (2011).

For many years he worked as a free lance writer and journalist for publications such as Dagbladet, Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift, Backstage and for NRK, the national Norwegian broadcasting coperation. He worked for some years as a copy writer for a small design agency in Porsgrunn, onezero designagency. He has for the the years 2009 to 2011 worked as a web site editor and marketing manager for Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival. He then worked as a direcor and screen writer at Vepz Media, a small film- and television production company situated in Porsgrunn, Norway. He is now developing several documentary projects as a producer and director for Pastiche Films.

After having made a number of documentaries, music videos and short movies, he is more and more turning his interests to video art and installation works, a field he is also lecturing on thru his involvement as a curator for film and art video with Kunsthall Grenland.

As a performing artist he has done several stage productions, notably «Roald Amundsens vei» as part of the improv-performance ensemble Hornorkesteret; readings and poetry readings for among others Ny Musikk Trondheim («Amerika»), and collaborated for several years with double bass player Michael Francis Duch on a performance with texts and music by John Cage. He also plays one string violin in the drone-noise duo Two Limited with Lasse Marhaug.

Tom Løberg Hovinbøle lives in Porsgrunn, Norway, together with his girlfriend Maria.

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… Pastiche Films

Pastiche Films is a film- and video production company run by Tom Løberg Hovinbøle. It is presently situated in Porsgrunn, Norway, after spending its first years Trondheim. It was started in 2001 for the production of the documentary NOR NOISE. The company is based upon the esthetical ideas of the french nouvelle vougue of the 1960s, and the underground film production mentality; no money in the budget doesn’t mean no film can be produced. Since its initiation, PF has produced a number of short films, documentaries, music videos and lately, video installation works.


Pastiche Films filmography:

Hauk & Due: Naken (2014) Music video

The Way You Turn My Head» (2011) Short film

 «The Moment» (2010) Video installation

 «body.move» (2009) Video installation

«There Are No Secrets» (2008)  Documentary/video installation

«The Origins of the World, Part II» (2008) Video installation

Remembrance (2007)  Short film cycle

«To Beep or Not To Beep» (2007)  Video installation

IVAR SKAAR – 50 ÅR (2006)  Concert movie

The School: Bad to the Bone (2006)  Music video

On the Outside All the Way In (2006)  Documentary

Dog and Sky: Horses of the Lord (2005)  Music video

Dog and Sky: When You Die (2005)  Music video

Reilly Express: Hollow Matter (2005)  Music video

The Letter (2004)  Short film

Nor Noise (2004)  Music documentary