On The Outside All The Way In


In august of 2005 I went to Buenos Aires with Lasse and Line to get away from it all. This is what I found…

ON THE OUTSIDE ALL THE WAY IN is a personal meeting with the artists of the former noise-rock-experience REYNOLS – Anla Courtis, Roberto Conlazo and Miguel Tomasin – on the borders of Minecxio.

«Great film!»
– Peter Rehberg

Shot in Buenos Aires and La Plata, Argentina, August – September 2005, on a trip with Lasse Marhaug and Line Abrahamsen. The film was made for the 2006 Borealis Festival, where Courtis and Conlazo were festival guests. Contains concert footage with Minecxio V, Lassa Marhaug and Anla Courtis, Wini Wini and Cosmic Mostacholli.

Download the essay from the Borealis 06 catalogue here (.pdf; in Norwegian only)

or read the essay here (text only)


Part of this film is to be found on the newly released Reynols Box Set, released by Pica Disc in 2019. Click here for more information


1- Can you imagine a first question for this interview? Answer it holding a Kiwi in the right hand and imitating the sound of a Wild Seagul.

2- What would happen to the nordic microscopic ecosystem if small portions of the norweigian snow are suddenly replaced by argentinian snow?

3- Who would be the winner in a Ping-Pong match between Merlin the Magician and Fu-man-chu? Give an imaginary prize to the looser.

4- Do you know that Napaoleon in his terrestrial life didn’t have a chance to taste Chimichurri*? Compose an Opera where Napoleon begins to play drums as Gene Kruppa after a Chimichurri Overdose.

5- Can you imagine the sound of your pancreas?

6- Do you know that in South America there is an embalmed dog with healing powers that is visited by 1000 persons per week with the only aim of caress his head?

7- What is the common link between Billy Idol and Kabala? Explain your answer using a colour of the rainbow as poncho and practicing a slow flip-flap toward the east.

8- Discover how many operations were practiced on Joan Collins’ nose? Muliply that number 56 times and when you have the result give that number of kisses to your grandsons in a spring afternoon.

9- Have you noticed that in the 8th dimension “La Gioconda” is a George Foreman’s portrait? (verify this in the backwards of the painting)

10- Imagine the last question of this interview and don’t answer it until you are100 years old. Then forget about the existence of this catalogue and in your next reencarnation trade it for a Carlus Magnus’ artifical beard kit.

*) Chimichurri is a typical argentian condiment-sauce with slight spicy taste that is used on grilled meat.


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Chimichurri power forever!

Technical information

On The Outside All The Way In

Film: Tom Løberg

Documentary, 46 min, DV

Made for and premieres at Borealis music festival, Bergen (11. mars 2006)


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