Horses Of The Lord

My second music video for favourite band Dog & Sky, shot during a Klubb Kanin-festival at Trondheim’s UFFA. It tries to capture some of the unpretentious and quirky atmosphere you’ll find when going to one of their concerts, a band with a very distinct style doing a beautiful and one of my favourite songs of theirs.

The two-images-in-one setup I used because I like it; I also used it in my documentary On the Outside All the Way In. It gives you more room to play when juxtaposing images like this. And it’s a great way to stretch material that would otherwise become dull and/or thinly spread.

The video was published on a DVD and released with the single When You die / Horses of the Lord (Crispin Glover Records, 2005).

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Technical information

Music video. 4 min 43 sek. DV


This is Pastiche Films production no PP005

© 2005 Pastiche Films