En skole midt i verden

This project was rather special, due to the fact that the man who started making the film, Yngve Lintoft, had to pull out half way through due to illness. I took over his material, shot additional material, wrote the script and did the editing.

The film is about the artistic decorations for the renovated Ila school (in Trondheim); it is as close to making a straight tv-style documentary as I’ll ever come. The film was comissioned by the municipiality of Trondheim, and is used as part of an educational programme for the students about the schools history and the perception of art.

The film contains footage from the production and installation of the works, together with intervies with the artists. They were Torhild Aukan, Jan Eirik Evjen, Håkon Gullvåg, Hé Mârli, Merete Morgenstierne, and Reidar Ryen.

Sadly, Yngve died before the film was finished. This film is dedicated to him.

Technical information

En skole midt i verden
Film: Tom Hovinbøle, Yngve Lintoft
Documentary, 2005, 29 minutes
Released on DVD for use by the school and Trondheim kommune


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