Bad To The Bone

Music video done for the band The School, based in Trondheim.

From their debut album Espionage (2006).

See the video here

The record name being «Espionage» and the cover openly using a 60s style design with an old satellite, I emulated the look of the sixties style television shows like «Top of the Pops» that – with their limited technological equipment – today looks quite graphical. It is a style I very much like, with heightened contrasts that give the video a rougher look and fits the hard energy of the song. It also served as a good contrast to the James-Bond-opening style of the coloured segments, with the bad babe in front of the explosions and fire.

For the video the band wanted a straight type live-act. Shot in studio I wanted to find an expression that would give it an edge, something not to typical to this kind of rock videos. The images-within-the-images setup gave me the opportunity to play more with movements and the editing. I could edit both in sync with the music but also in sync with the dancer, something that gave the video a more dynamic flow.

The video enjoyed heavy rotation on TV in both Norway and the US on release.

Technical information

The School: Bad To The Bone

Music video. 2min 52sec. DV.


This is Pastiche Films production no PP008

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